Migrant Knowledge

Editors’ Note

The way we post news and tips has been evolving over the past year. Following the practice on History of Knowledge, we have been publishing lists of relevant publications, projects, events, and so on in an occasional feature called MigKnow Notes.

In many cases, these will have already been posted on Twitter (by Swen or Mark) and possibly Facebook (by Mark) in the weeks before a MigKnow Notes post. Nonetheless, we believe gathering them here in one place makes them more easily available for future reference. The practice should also help those who abstain from social media.

The relaunch of our website in March of this year introduced the Migrant Knowledge Network. Since then, we have begun a new series called News from the Network. We have also added this label to the titles of a few older pieces that belong under this rubric.

News items might occasionally appear under both rubrics, but we will do our best to avoid undesirable repetition.

If you have relevant news for either rubric, please send it to migknow@ghi-dc.org or tweet @migknow. If the item is time-sensitive in any way, please call our attention to that fact as well.

Featured image: “Newsstand with Foreign Language Newspapers,” Fall 1941. Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection, Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2017759469/.