Migrant Knowledge

#MigKnow Notes 9

CALL UPDATE: The deadline for Contested Meanings of Migration Facilitation: Emigration Agents, Coyotes, Rescuers, and Human Traffickers at GHI PRO was extended to May 25, 2020. A decision about whether it will be held this fall, as scheduled, or instead postponed to the fall of 2021, will be made as soon as possible.

PODCAST: The multidisciplinary Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley has a good podcast called Who Belongs?. The focus is on the United States and includes episodes on race, poverty, and immigrants, among other things, including during the current pandemic.

CONFERENCE REPORT: On the Way into the Unknown? Comparative Perspectives on the ‘Orient’ in (Early) Modern Travelogues, Vienna, November 28–30, 2019.

CONFERENCE REPORT: Migrants and Media: Needs, Usages, and Effects, Kassel, December 13–14, 2019.

CONFERENCE REPORT: ResourceCultures: Reflections and New Perspectives, Tübingen, February 12–14, 2020. Section VI is devoted to knowledge as a resource.

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