Migrant Knowledge

New Book from the Network: Europe’s Borders


A new open access book by Jochen Oltmer is available in Springer’s Essentials series: Die Grenzen der EU: Europäische Integration, “Schengen” und die Kontrolle der Migration (2021). Loosely translated, the publisher’s description reads:

This book examines the background and consequences of the policy of free movement in Europe. European integration changed migration relations considerably. It became much easier to cross borders to work and settle in other countries. In the process, Europe' internal borders lost much of their significance. At the same time, the question of how to deal with a common external border and the migration of “third-country nationals” grew more important. This little book explains why migration from outside Europe was increasingly understood as a security policy issue and why this viewpoint still shapes EU measures in the establishment of a common external border today.