Migrant Knowledge

New Book from the Network: Yiddish Press in Poland in the Nazi Era

Gemeinsam gegen Deutschland: Warschaus jiddische Presse im Kampf gegen den Nationalsozialismus (1930–1941)

(Together against Germany: Warsaw’s Yiddish Daily Press and Its Fight against National Socialism, 1930–1941)

By Anne-Christin Klotz

New network member and author of our most recent blogpost, “More than Tourism: Re-reading Yiddish Travelogues as Sources of Migrant Knowledge,” Anne-Christin Klotz has just published the brand-new German-language book linked above with De Gruyter (Open Access) on October 3. Similar in theme to the blogpost, the book provides a more in-depth view of the Yiddish press in Warsaw during the Nazi era and the ways Polish Jews shared acquired and shared knowledge with one another. De Gruyter describes the book as follows on its website:

By analyzing Warsaw’s Yiddish daily press, this volume reveals how Polish Jews gained and disseminated subversive knowledge of National Socialist Germany in spite of censorship and repression, and also initiated campaigns of protest and solidarity to the benefit of the people being persecuted there.

The book is Volume 58 in De Gruyter’s series Europäisch-jüdische Studien – Beiträge.