Migrant Knowledge

News from the Network: Histories of Migrant Knowledge

Now available online:

“Histories of Migrant Knowledge: Transatlantic and Global Perspectives,” edited by Andrea Westermann and Onur Erdur, Bulletin of the German Historical Institute, Supplement 15 (2020). GRATIS OPEN ACCESS


  • “Migrant Knowledge: Studying the Epistemic Dynamics That Govern the Thinking in and around Migration, Exile, and Displacement” by Andrea Westermann and Onur Erdur

Futures That Never Were

  • “To Farm a Future: The Displaced Youth of Gross-Breesen” by Sheer Ganor
  • “Small Strangers at the School of Friendship: Memories of Mozambican School Students of the German Democratic Republic” by Marcia C. Schenck

Internal Migration and the Left

  • “The South and the Making of the American Other: Folk Music, Internal Migration, and the Cultural Left” by Risto Lenz
  • “From ‘Ethnic Community’ to ‘Black Community’: The Cultural Belonging of Migrants between Race-Relations Research and the Politics of Blackness in 1970s and 1980s Britain” by Almuth Ebke

Place-Specific Material Resources

  • “Displaced Knowledge and Its Sponsors: How American Foundations and Aid Organizations Shaped Émigré Social Research, 1933–1945” by Joseph Malherek
  • “Mass Displacement in Post-Catastrophic Societies: Vulnerability, Learning, and Adaptation in Germany and India, 1945–1952” by Avi Sharma
  • “Humans, Not Files: Deportation and Knowledge in Switzerland” by Barbara Lüthi

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