Migrant Knowledge

New Book from the Network: Landscape of Migration

Ben Nobbs-Thiessen‘s monograph is now available: Landscape of Migration: Mobility and Environmental Change on Bolivia’s Tropical Frontier, 1952 to the Present (UNC Press, 2020). According to Elena McGrath, the book

traces the entwined histories of Andean, Mennonite, and Okinawan migrants to Amazonian Bolivia during the twentieth century, exploring how each of these communities forged and contested the landscape of agrarian citizenship in the country.

Learn more from the conversation Ben and Elena had at the New Books Network podcast. Ben also recently talked with Steven Hyland on the Latin America–focused Historias podcast.

To see how Ben explicitly relates his work to migrant knowledge, see his 2019 contribution, “Marginal Knowledge: The Transnational Practices of Latin American Mennonites.”